The plastic invades us silently. Affects and pollutes our planet. Asphyxia … For this reason Francisco Márquez has just participated as director of photography and camera operator in the filming of a documentary in Mallorca that aims to mobilize consciousness, to generate emotions about this serious problem: OUT OF PLASTIC. Every day 1.5 million plastic bottles are consumed only in the Balearic Islands to satisfy the 15 million thirsty tourists who visit them every year (most of these containers end up lying in the field), an unsustainable situation on which Line and Philipp want to alert.

This Danish-German couple living in Mallorca has founded the CLEAN WAVE project (www.cleanwave.org) to show us all that we can reduce the consumption of plastic; it is more, that it is vital to do it with urgency … Both also produce this documentary that will be officially presented at the end of 2017.

Link to watch the movie trailer: https://vimeo.com/257873705

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